The space under the bedroom table is usually where Dominic throws shoes that won't fit in the closet.  (Yes, we both have a shoe thing...)  There's a radiator under there as well, but it's been on less than a dozen times in 16 years.   

I was thinking that a good first project in the new studio space might be the construction of a bench where we can hide shoes.    Depth is limited because of the radiator, and we don't want Dominic stubbing his toe on it every time he gets up in the dark.    So I'm going to build it with a partially open back,  so if needed, the tips of shoes can extend out the back a tiny bit. I worry if it's a closed cabinet at only 12" deep that shoes won't fit. 

I'm playing with the idea of walnut and white gloss, either on wheels or aluminum legs to pick up the aluminum accent in the table handles.  And I have a white gloss door left over from one Ikea hack or another.  This will be a good use for it and will save me some finishing time.   It's so big that the bench will only have one door instead of two.   This is what I'm thinking: